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Greetings St. Vrain Community:

I would like to take a moment to reflect on this past year and celebrate the many successes of our students, teachers, coaches and staff. Whether in a classroom, on stage, or an athletic field, St. Vrain Valley Schools emphasize the importance of academics, collaboration, sportsmanship, and developing a well-rounded community of future leaders.

In this publication, I am proud to highlight our high school marching bands as they begin the 2015-16 season. These students represent our schools on local and national stages and bring energy and excitement to so many events throughout our community.

In both academic and co-curricular pursuits, our students commit themselves every day to the enrichment of our school communities.

As we recognize our students for their numerous accomplishments, I would also like to honor the dedicated network of teachers, coaches, staff, and volunteers that provide outstanding leadership and support. The value that they bring to our students’ lives is significant and their positive impact extends well beyond graduation.

Please join me in honoring our students and staff as they continue to excel in many ways.


Don Haddad, Ed.D.
Superintendent of Schools
Twitter: @SVVSDSupt

“As a district, we show that you can have a phenomenal program without having to outshine each other. It makes our district an attractive place to be.” Josh Kirkwood, Mead High School

Stands full of cheering fans. Bright lights on the playing field. This is not the start of a football game. This is St. Vrain Band Night! Join us on October 7th at 6:00 pm.

Please join us on Saturday, September 12th, 10-11:30 for a celebration of art & creativity in motion with a parade of performing art groups, bicycles, bands, hot rods and more!

The cadence of drummers and the fanfare of trumpets brings the crowd to its feet. Looking down the street in anticipation, they know the marching band is on its way!

Playing the first note on a new band instrument is a thrilling and exciting moment. In the St. Vrain’s middle school band programs, students see that making music means making friends, having fun, and finding a place to belong.

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